3 Ways to Help You Let Go and Move Forward

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3 Ways to Help You Let Go and Move Forward

By Dilini Dharmawardana, MFTI

Sometimes we all have difficulties letting go and moving on. It is important to have tools in our toolbox to help us let go. Whether we are holding on to a past relationship, comment made by someone to us, or trouble letting go of feelings it is essential that we are able to process these things and move on with our lives.

Tip #1: Keep A Journal

Journaling helps us see our thoughts and feelings. If you are able to keep a journal of what is coming up for you, you will be better able to let go and move on. We all go through difficulties and sometimes we have trouble expressing our thoughts and feelings out loud, so journaling can help us to recognize what is going on for use. But, don’t feel pressured to write in your journal. Write in your journal whenever you need to!

Tip #2: Allow Yourself to Feel your Feelings

Occasionally, shame makes us feel as though our feelings are not right. But, whatever you’re feeling it is all right and it is essential for you to be able feel all your feelings in order to let go. If we try to deny those feelings, they may come back stronger than ever later on. There’s no shame in having any of your feelings!

Tip #3: Talk to Someone

A lot of times talking about what is going on can help us feel better and move on. The important thing is to find someone who is supportive and understanding to talk to. If we talk to someone who is going to shame or blame us for what happened or how we are feeling, then we can have an even harder time letting go.

Sometimes we all get to a point in our lives where we are feeling stuck and need a little help in letting go. Letting go can be difficult especially if there are difficult emotions attached to the situation. Try your best to process your feelings, have them, and have trusted, supportive, and understanding people to talk to if needed. We can all let go a little easier if we try!