3 Ways To Keep Your Relationships Fun and Alive

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Relationships Want More Fun: 3 Ways To Keep Your Relationships Fun and Alive

Dilini Dharmawardana, MFTI


Does your relationship feel less alive after a while of being together? Sometimes the more comfortable people get in a relationship, the more stagnant and boring the relationship may seem. Would you like your relationship to feel like it did when you first started dating? Here are 3 tips to keep your relationship staying strong.


Tip #1: Spend Time Together Alone

Re-learn why you liked each other by spending time together without others around. Figure out how your partner has changed since you first started dating. Everyone changes over time and learning who each person is today versus yesterday is important. Time is a commodity and making the time to spend together is difficult. Schedule in time to spend time together at least once a week without others.


Tip #2: Go on Day Trips together

Find the time to be spontaneous and take day trips together. You can take your children with you and make it a family bonding experience! Day trips can also be a way you can learn more about each other. How well the two of you travel together says a lot about your interaction style and how well you will cope with stress as a couple later on.


Tip #3: Communicate As Often As Possible

When life becomes hectic, we often forget to sit down, eat together, and talk to each other. Trying our best to communicate with each other about our days as often as possible is important because it shows you care about your partner when you ask about their day. People like to feel cared for and loved and talking to each other fosters the connection between both people.


Every relationship needs to be maintained! Sometimes people become complacent in relationships and people think that things will be fine as they are. Being able to take the necessary steps to have a stable relationship and utilizing these steps will help you have a more stable relationship that has a higher chance of lasting longer…so, spend time together, go on day trips, and talk to your partner often!