Anger Management San Ramon

At Treehouse Counseling Services, clients young and old find comfort in the well-rounded therapeutic approach of the whole treatment team. When it comes to anger management in San Ramon, Treehouse can help soothe the nerves of adults and children alike.

It is important to remember that anger is a healthy emotion – it is normal to have this feeling. The problem occurs when you don’t know what to do with the emotion and end up taking it out on yourself or others. That’s where we come in – you can work on anger management in San Ramon with Treehouse Counseling Services. Managing your anger is the critical component that dictates whether or not you have a problem.

There are a multitude of reasons to search for anger management in San Ramon. Certain professions require clean bills of health or routine behavioral maintenance. You may have encountered some trouble with the law and are being required to seek anger management services during probation. More often than not, though, San Ramon anger management seekers are on a quest for relaxation techniques and someone to help them respond instead of react. That’s where Treehouse comes in.

Children can often have pent-up anger issues as well. If you’re in San Ramon seeking anger management services for your child, remember that Treehouse Counseling Services is run by Certified Play Therapist – Supervisor Mary Ruth Cross, who has headed up the California Association of Play Therapy and has worked with children and families for over 20 years.

When it comes to kiddos, anger is no different – teaching them that it is a healthy emotion is as critical as reminding them how to use their anger constructively rather than taking it out on other people. We can help.

To determine whether Treehouse Counseling Services is right for your San Ramon anger management needs, call 925-820-9447.