Behavioral Therapy Danville

Behavioral Therapy Danville

Treehouse Counseling Services is your source for behavioral therapy in Danville.

If you’re in search of solutions to behavioral problems for adults or children, Mary Ruth Cross and the therapists at Treehouse will work together to create a safe space for you, your partner, or your child to play and heal.

When searching for behavioral therapy in Danville, it’s important to consider what kind of treatment is available. Behavioral therapy is a treatment that helps change potentially self-destructing behaviors. Behavioral therapy can help with coping in difficult situations and can also help change bad habits into good ones.

At Treehouse Counseling Services, the treatment team believes in a “whole person” perspective; taking into account anything that might be contributing to the presenting problem. Each client is treated with respect and a high quality of care that has created a rock-solid reputation for the clinic. When it comes to behavioral therapy in Danville, you can trust Treehouse Counseling Services.

Treehouse Counseling Services offers individualized treatment plans for clients young and old. If you’re an adult looking for behavioral therapy to change your eating habits, chances are Mary Ruth and her team can help you with a holistic and unique approach. If you’re looking for behavioral therapy for your child who is acting out in school, Mary Ruth and her team are certified play therapists and attribute their skills into all treatment situations. If you or your child has a more severe challenge, remember that you are not alone. Treehouse Counseling Services can help with behavioral therapy in Danville.

Call Treehouse Family Counseling Services today at 925-820-8447 to learn more about behavioral therapy near Danville.