Finding Peace in Nature

Category: Play Therapy

It’s safe to say that we could probably all use a little more peace and calm in our lives.  We live in a hectic time and life demands a lot of us.  Many people come to therapy wanting to find some inner peace and relief from their stressful lives.  When I meet with clients who are wanting more peace, I often ask them how much time they spend outdoors connecting with nature.

A simple and easy way to create more tranquility in your life is to get outside and be with nature.  It sounds so simple, right?  That’s because it really is that easy.  Mother Nature fosters stillness and silence.  It’s in that stillness where we can find peaceful moments and space from our busy minds. One of the best things about nature is that it is accessible to us all.  You don’t have to drive to a national park or a beach to connect with nature.  You can simply step outside your front door and breathe in some fresh air, notice the trees, feel the cool air against your face or listen to the birds chirping overhead. 

When we take the time to be with nature, we are reminded of our natural state.  It’s a way to feel connected to the planet and all forms of life that exist.  Life gets put into perspective and our problems start to feel small.  We are reminded that the trees have been here long before us and will be here long after us.  Nature is invigorating and cleansing.  Nature is peaceful.

Christine Holmberg, LMFT