Get Ready! The School Bell is About To Ring! 7 Tips for Make a Smooth Transition

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Get Ready! The School Bell is About To Ring! 7 Tips for Make a Smooth Transition

Mary Ruth Cross, MS, MFT, NCC, RPT-S
CEO/Owner Treehouse Family Counseling Services

What a great summer It has been! There is always a bit of a letdown when we must get back to our old routines of getting up and going to school. For some kids and teens this means transitioning to a new school with different class schedules and routines. This is a lot to get used to. If the family schedule has become looser during the summer, as it is for many now is the time to get focused so that you and your family can step back into school on the right foot.

Here are some tips to help you get ready for school.
1. Transitions can be challenging so the more you can prepare your child for what is to come the better. Take some time to go to the new school if your child is transitioning from elementary to middle school or middle school to high school.
2. If it is possible, meet with your child’s teacher before the first day of school to make that day easier and less anxiety provoking for your child.
3. Ask your child what they are looking forward to in starting the new school year. Start with the positives then if anything negative comes up you can address it right away.
4. The start of a new school year can trigger fears and anxieties that have been dormant during the summer vacation as it means that your child will be away from you for longer periods of time. Be reassuring and positive in what you think the school year will be like. Problem solve with your child any fears or worries that come up.
5. If you and your child have been gone or tied up a lot during the summer, encourage your child to reconnect with friends they have at school.
6. Be sure that your youth is in a normal pattern of rising and going to bed that you would expect during the school term, that way it is easier for them to adjust once school starts.
7. Have them go with you to buy school supplies or new clothes for school. This helps them get excited for what is to come.

If your child or teen is too focused on their worries and fears they may need some extra help to work through it, that’s where we can help. We all have advanced training in play therapy and working with children, teens and their families. We are here if you need us. We would be happy to give you a brief consultation on the phone to see what is needed, just call us at 925-820-8447 x1.
We hope you and your child or teen have a great new school year!