How to Find a Therapist

How to Find a Therapist

Treehouse Counseling Services can help you determine how to find a therapist

Wondering how to find a therapist? Treehouse Counseling Services offers a therapeutic team of licensed and pre-licensed mental health professionals who work together to provide a safe place to play and heal. Our treatment team tries to gain a 360 degree view of anything that might be contributing to the presenting problem so that each client is seen uniquely and as clearly as possible.

Determining how to find a therapist that’s best for you is a tricky decision. At Treehouse Counseling Services, we are dedicated to the idea that therapy works. However there is no guarantee that counseling will work with just anyone. The therapeutic relationship is built on trust. Without trust and a commitment to change the therapeutic process cannot work effectively. Having the right therapist is another important aspect of successful therapy. Sometimes the therapist doesn’t have sufficient training or education in the issue that is bothering you so she would need to refer you to a new therapist who did have the training. Sometimes the personal style of the therapist is incompatible with the needs of the individual client. It is okay to stop treatment because it doesn’t feel right. Feeling safe and comfortable enough to do your work is a priority for me.

When curious about how to find a therapist, it is critical to consider what type of therapy is being offered. Treehouse Counseling Services provides services for adults, couples, and children in the field of marriage and family therapy, or MFT. The field of marriage and family therapy (MFT) is designed to help people with relationship issues. The relationship can be to another person, a substance (i.e. alcohol or drugs), one’s self, one’s children or the world at large. MFT’s have specialized training to address these issues. A licensed clinical social worker has similar training but has an extra emphasis on getting help for the patient by means of a hospital or court social services, to name just a few. A psychologist has a doctorate in psychology and is often trained in psychological testing as well as counseling. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor that often focuses on using a medical model to address serious mental health issues and is legally able to prescribe medication when necessary. An MFT is often the best choice to get an assessment and then to work with other resources and the patient for the most effective therapy possible.

If you’re attempting to decide how to find a therapist for you or a loved one, remember that there isn’t a set timeline for treatment. At Treehouse Counseling Services, we believe that the length of treatment is determined by the needs of the client as assessed by the therapist. Depending on the assessed problem or issues there are brief therapy interventions that can be used to effect change in the short term. There are also problems that require longer to work through the issue and so more long term interventions are utilized. After the assessment you will know what to expect regarding length of time for treatment.

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