How To Let Things Go: 5 Ways to Move On

Category: Play Therapy

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  I grew up in the Midwest where there are four distinct seasons, and fall is by far the most beautiful.  Minnesota has an abundance of trees and I recall reveling in the beauty of the fall colors.  I enjoyed watching the pigment on the leaves slowly fade from green to various shades of yellows, oranges, reds and purples before all dropping to the ground.

Autumn is a time of reflection and just like the fall trees, we can shed what is no longer working.  Throughout our lives, we form attachments to people, places, things and ideas.  Our interior and exterior lives can quickly fill up with clutter, impeding on our physical, emotional and mental space. 

Being able to let go of materialistic things, expectations about yourself or unhealthy relationships will free up space for something more positive and nourishing.  Such a mindset can be achieved with some effort and practice. 

If you’re trying to move forward in life and release what might be holding you back, but you’re not sure how to get started, here are 5 tips to help you let go.

  1. Practice mindfulness.  The more you bring your focus and attention to the present moment, the less impact your past or future will have on you. 
  1. Create physical distance. Sometimes you just need some space. Taking space can allow for reflection.
  1. Be kind to yourself.  Don’t beat yourself up if you try to let go of something and it doesn’t work right away.
  1. Surround yourself with positive people.  You benefit when you surround yourself with happy people who will lift you up.  You don’t have to go through life alone.  It’s okay to lean on others during times when you need support.
  1. Seek professional help.  Some experiences are just too hard to process and let go of without some professional help.  That’s okay.  Sometimes you need help implementing these tips and a trained professional to help you through the process.

Give one of these tips a try. Fall is the perfect time to reflect on what was and let go of what no longer is working or serves you. Just like a tree shedding its leaves. It’s time to let go in order to free up space for something more positive and nourishing in the Spring.

Christine Holmberg, MA, LMFT