3 Tips To Love Yourself

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3 Tips To Love Yourself

By Minjun Wang


Many people struggle with appreciating themselves without conditions and terms. As a clinician, I had seen case after case how negative self-image had impacted emotional, mental and even relational well-being in clients, regardless reasons that first prompted them to seek services.

Transformational changes usually happen when “deep cleansing” and “uprooting” are being done with an individual’s dedicated efforts for a while. Today, you can get started loving yourself with the following tips:love-538434_960_720

  1. Be gentle with your feelings: We are all human beings, which means we have strengths and weakness. Transgressions are the NORM. No one is perfect. Simply put, everyone can be unlikable at times. Anyone who is compelled to be positive, optimistic and patient ALL THE TIME will definitely set themselves up for emotional distress and self-doubt.


  1. Be gentle with your body: Our body is a pretty complex system and usually it will tell us where we should be, how much we shall eat or what should be done. Still remember how you felt physically when you were stuffing yourself food? Or forcing yourself to do something you would rather not? Listen to the message your body is trying to tell you. Respect its limit by not over exercising, overeating or depriving it of necessary nutrients. The list can go on and on. Probably everyone can come up with some ideas unique to themselves.


  1. Be gentle with your mind. True, we all know that we share some attributes with someone we would like to avoid. It sucks to confront this truth. It’s ok to try to work on these struggles in counseling/therapy or by talking to wise, trusted others. But if you catch yourself condemning self for these shortcomings, you may have taken your right to feel human. By the way, who can said that these no-so-desirable behaviors and mindset didn’t come from a justified place?

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