Play Therapy Danville

Play Therapy Danville

Find play therapy in Danville at Treehouse Counseling Services

At Treehouse Counseling Services, we’ve been offering play therapy to Danville and beyond for over 20 years. We provide a safe space to explore and heal by focusing on a full range of therapeutic elements customized to the individual.

Skeptical about the therapeutic capacities of play? According to Garry Landreth, a leading expert on play therapy, we can define play as:

  • A fun, enjoyable activity the elevates our spirits and brightens our outlook on life
  • Relief from feelings of stress and boredom
  • A connection to people in a positive way
  • A stimulation for creative thinking and exploration
  • A regulator for our emotions

Play therapy, in turn, is defined as ‘a structured, theoretically based approach to therapy that builds on normal communicative and learning processes of children.’ (Landreth) It has been proven to bring relief to children ages 2-12 who may be suffering due to divorce or domestic violence and who may be exhibiting symptoms of long-term mental disorders. We’re proud to bring play therapy to Danville so that children in this community can participate in this most natural healing method.

As clinical director, Mary Ruth Cross is a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor as well as a past president of the California Association for Play Therapy.

If you’re looking for play therapy near Danville, look no further than Treehouse Counseling Services. Call to schedule an appointment today: 925-820-8447.