Play Therapy for Children

Play Therapy for Children

Play therapy for children is a popular therapy choice to aide in treatment of multiple disorders and other concerns. Some of the conditions that play therapy for children has shown to be effective against include:

  • Anger issues, play therapy serves as an outlet for anger management.
  • Grief and loss, children are able to direct emotion into play therapy sessions.
  • Divorce and familial stress, stress can be reduced by utilizing play therapy for children.
  • Anxiety and depression, play therapy provides a fun and enjoyable environment, bringing relaxation and joy to children.

Along with the above, play therapy for children provides the foundation for healthy child development, both mentally and physically. Sessions help boost children’s creativity, communication skills, helps them form positive coping mechanisms, and all while having fun!

How will play therapy work?

At Treehouse Family Counseling Services, we offer several play models for children to use during sessions. Each and every child is different, and in a unique situation. We will consult with you, the parent or guardian, in order to design treatment plans that suit your child’s needs best. These treatment plans are flexible and can be changed to create an environment beneficial to your child.

Sand Tray

Play therapy relies on interaction, Sand Tray Therapy uses characters and toys within a sandbox environment to allow your child’s imagination to wander. Your child’s therapist can learn valuable information, and more easily connect and communicate with your child through their exploration of the sandbox environment. Hundreds of characters and toys are available for children to pick from, and endless stories and situations can be created.

Puppets & Masks

Children will often build relationships with objects or characters more easily than with adults or other children. Social anxiety can be bypassed by using puppets, masks, and bringing a casual environment into conversations. Similar to imaginary friends, children can bond with characters and their therapist will be able to learn what’s “going on” in the child’s world through questions and games.

Play Therapy with Emma

Emma is our playful and friendly Chihuahua mix. Play therapy for children works best when the child is engaged, happy, and active. Emma was adopted from a shelter, and is an energetic and fun addition to our team. Children can learn emotional regulation, how to build social relationships, and how to treat others through Emma.

If you think your child could benefit from Play Therapy, contact Treehouse Family Counseling Services, PC below, or call us at 925-820-8447 to schedule a consultation today!

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