Marriage Counselling

Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling is not something to be ashamed of, every relationship can suffer from external strains such as loss, stress or anxiety, and relationship difficulties such as lack of communication or infidelity. When couples don’t deal with their relationship problems through healthy discussion, or therapy such as marriage counselling, it will often result in a divorce.

Unhealthy separation through divorce can result in additional difficulties, such as financial issues, stress from estranged friendships, or custodial battles if children are involved. In order to eliminate or reduce complications of divorce, marriage counselling is an often positive attempt to repair any relationship struggles.

It’s not too late

Marriage counselling doesn’t have to be an after-the-fact attempt to repair a broken relationship. If you or your partner is considering having an affair, are dealing with emotional stress, or are losing effective communication with your other half, marriage counselling can serve as a preventative measure. Resolving conflict before it escalates can be tremendously useful to restoring relationships. Marriage counselling can remind you and your loved one why you began dating, or were married to each other in the first place. Rekindling that lost spark that united you.

Healthy separation

On the other hand, a healthy separation may be the best option. If you or your loved one feel like you’re staying together simply for the sake of a child, or children, separation may be the best choice. Separating from your partner doesn’t have to mean you don’t love them anymore, some relationships simply don’t work out in the long-term. Having a child doesn’t need to be the deciding factor of staying together, if you or your partner feel like you’d be happier apart, marriage counselling can help to find a healthy pathway to that goal. Working with both parents and the child in therapy can create a healthy separation all while taking the child’s needs and feelings into account. Divorced couples can still maintain amicable relationships with each other, while still maintaining a presence in their child’s life.

Treehouse Family Counseling Services will work with any relationship to facilitate healthy discussion and find the best course of action to preserve each individuals’ happiness. Contact us below to schedule a consultation, or call our practice at (925) 820-8447 to learn more about marriage counselling.

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