Metamorphosis Isn’t Just for Caterpillars!

Category: Play Therapy

A metamorphosis is a biological process of change in the appearance of a being, most often thought of the process wherein a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. The idea that one can change not only the appearance but overall structure of the self through a multi-staged process is intriguing. In people, the process may be evident in a change in haircut, weight loss, or other surface level aspect of one’s appearance. But how does one change the self at a deeper level?

Processes such as introspection, evaluating challenges and strengths, and developing goals can result in a person recreating the self. A metamorphosis from the inside out. Can a person do this on their own? It is possible, but an objective outsider can be beneficial. Some have gone to life coaches, spiritual guides, psychiatrists, and/or therapists. Guidance from a neutral party can help point out inconsistencies between goals and the changes that need to be made. To make changes on a large scale, it is necessary to find a method that works best for the individual as the journey can be long and winding.

“I cannot make you understand. I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me. I cannot even explain it to myself.” -Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis. Kafka’s words ring true when thinking of the process of changing oneself. The need to change is felt deep within but may not even be clear as to how or why it has to happen.

Unfortunately humans do not experience metamorphosis like a caterpillar. We cannot crawl into a cocoon and one day wake up a butterfly. It takes work and effort daily for weeks, months, and maybe even years. But one day after all of the challenges, changes, and introspection, you could turn around and see a beautiful butterfly in the mirror.