Navigating Uncertain Times

Category: Play Therapy

This year has undoubtedly been a year of unexpected events that have changed the course of all our lives.  It is true that our world will never be the same again as it once was. 

Accepting this change has been difficult, overwhelming, and stressful for the majority of us.  As a nation, we have seen a horrible pandemic wreak havoc on people’s lives and have also witnessed the struggle the medical community has faced in the ability to keep up with the demand for both physical and mental health services. 

Parents have taken on many new roles, as many of them are now helping their children navigate distance learning while juggling their own schedules because children have not been allowed to have in person instruction.  It is easy to become overwhelmed in these uncertain times and that it why it has become even more imperative that we take extra measures to ensure our self-care and the care of others.

I once heard a quote that really resonated with me and rings true to this day.  Someone once said to me that worry is like a rocking chair, it will always give you something to do, but will never get you anywhere. 

I find myself thinking of this quote daily to stay focused on the present moment and not live in the past or in the future.  I am aware this is easier said than done.  However, as I live out each day, I find myself taking more time to look at the sky and practice deep breathing exercises in an effort to maintain my sanity and give myself the fuel to make it through the most tumultuous days. 

I find that as I breath in and look to the sky, I become more grounded in the present moment and can see the beauty of nature and focus on the here and now.  As I exhale, I feel stress melt off my shoulders that propels me to continue to wake up each day with hope that things will improve in the future. 

It is important that your thoughts and feelings are validated during this stressful time.  In addition, it is essential to not get caught in negative thinking patterns about what if’s and what may occur in the future.  I highly recommend that we all incorporate some form of stress reduction exercises daily to stay focused in the present moment. If you find yourself unable to decompress, remember we are here to help.

By: Amber Sanner