Spring Parenting Tips

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Spring Parenting Tips

By Marta  Franca

family-838239_960_720The month of April brings the beginning of spring. It’s time to say goodbye to cold and darker days and welcome sunny and warmer days. Spring is the season of hope, rebirth, renewal and reflection. As the season changes we become encouraged by the increase of light and warmth. We find energy to take action and make necessary changes to different areas in our lives. It’s time to ask yourself about what changes and renewals you want to make regarding yourself, parenting and relationship with children and others.

Start by reflecting on yourself and how are you handling stress and change in your life. Take time to go inward and to exam your relationship with yourself. Self-care and self-compassion are crucial elements to decrease stress. As you feel mentally and physical rested, you’ll be able to improve your relationship with your children and significant others.

If parenting has been a struggle lately, try changing your parenting mindset. Let go of perfection, and prioritize what is necessary at the moment. Pay attention to your daily stressors and make the necessary changes. Give yourself permission to make mistakes and focus on the positive. It’s fine spending time with your children and letting the laundry and dishes to be washed later.

Noticing that your relationship with your children needs improvement, check in with yourself how you have been reacting and responding to your children’s needs. Children need to be listened to without being judged. Instead of reacting to children’s behavior, stop and listen first. Listen to what your children have to say without talking over and lecturing them. Ask yourself what they need at that moment and address their need. We sometimes forget our children needs our help to make decisions and to regulate and calm themselves down.

Lastly, as the days become warmer and longer, take the time to enjoy the outdoors. Children and adults benefit from playing outside and being in touch with nature. House chores and work can wait for you to return from spending time outdoors with children, family and friends. Enjoy the spring moment!