Separation Anxiety San Ramon

If your child is experiencing anxiety leaving the home or a person that they have a strong emotional connection to, they may have separation anxiety. This is most common in infants, typically between six months to three years old. Separation anxiety is normal, and part of the developmental process. There are healthy ways to manage the anxiety and to help along healthy advancements before it starts to affect a child’s maturation and before it becomes a behavioral problem.

separation anxietyWorking with a counselor, you can begin to discover what leads to separation anxiety. The more you understand how the anxiety works, the more equipped you are to handle situations that trigger the behavior. You’ll also have more tools for managing how having an individual with separation anxiety in your life affects you. Working with a therapist is a big first step to getting the help you need to begin a corrective course toward a healthy future. We appreciate you trusting us with that first step, and we invite you to call us and connect with us to begin that journey together.

Treehouse Counseling provides both adult and child services:

Adult Services

Individual Counseling – We all wish our problems would go away by themselves and sometimes they do! However, when we let them linger too long they begin to negatively impact our lives and we need to take action in the form of therapy.

Family Counseling – Relationships change and not always for the better. We get older, our responsibilities evolve and our expectations are not always clear.

Couples Counseling – Married or not, couples face stressful situations every day. These problems can be as simple as sharing chores, finding enough money to pay the bills – or of a more serious nature such as abuse and fidelity issues.

Children’s Services

Play Therapy – Knights in armor, cartoon fish, farm animals, cowboys, warrior women– they, and many other archetypes, can be found in Sand Tray Therapy.

Play Therapy Animals – Emma is a gentle Chihuahua mix who was adopted from a shelter three years ago at the age of two and one-half years. She listens attentively and quietly to children who find her presence comforting.

Choosing a therapist to work with is a big first step. We invite you to take that first step with us. Connect with us to see if we have a good connection to start your therapy with.

For more information about Play Therapy and other services available at Treehouse Counseling Services, call: