Significantly You Series

Category: Play Therapy

butterfly-144053_960_720Have you ever wondered why you feel so tired, disconnected and overwhelmed from life?

Have you ever wondered is this all there is?  Why am I not where I want to be? We can so easily become separated from our true selves and lose that powerful connection to our essence.

Marianne Williamson has told us that it is our fear of being powerful and significant that we are most troubled by.

Treehouse Family Counseling Services invites you to join us in 2017 for a four part series called “Significantly You!”

To help you explore ways to return to your true self, to embrace your light and power.

January 28 – Significantly You: Turning Into You             Click here to learn more

March 25 – Significantly You: Blooming Into You              Click here to learn more

July 8 – Significantly You:  Growing Into You                      Click here to learn more

October 21 – Significantly You: Surrendering Into You     Click here to learn more

Each class will be held at Treehouse Family Counseling Services, 8 Crow Canyon Court, Suite 205, San Ramon.    Each class will offer opportunities to understand yourself better and embrace the significant parts of you that have been dimmed by the challenges of life.  This exploration will include experiential exercises and time for reflection.