Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety

To some degree, we all experience social anxiety. It’s a common human trait to feel a kind of pressure or awkwardness when you’re in a group of other people, or one on one with another individual. There are tool and strategies to reduce unpleasantness in those interactions and improve your desire to have those interactions. Social anxiety is defined as being an excessive and unreasonable fear of social situations. There is usually an intense nervousness that is coupled with a feeling of being closely watched by others and that their watchfulness is tinged with a sense of criticism.

Working with a therapist you can start to identify how this works for you, and what you can do to improve your abilities to both manage and to some degree control your feelings during these interactions. Social anxiety doesn’t have to be a barrier to personal relationships. The first step is to take some time to explore how it works for you and begin applying methods that have worked for others to increase the pleasantness of social interaction.

Treehouse Counseling provides both adult and child services:

Adult Services

Individual Counseling – We all wish our problems would go away by themselves and sometimes they do! However, when we let them linger too long they begin to negatively impact our lives and we need to take action in the form of therapy.

Family Counseling – Relationships change and not always for the better. We get older, our responsibilities evolve and our expectations are not always clear.

Couples Counseling – Married or not, couples face stressful situations every day. These problems can be as simple as sharing chores, finding enough money to pay the bills – or of a more serious nature such as abuse and fidelity issues.

Children’s Services

Play Therapy – Knights in armor, cartoon fish, farm animals, cowboys, warrior women– they, and many other archetypes, can be found in Sand Tray Therapy.

Play Therapy Animals – Emma is a gentle Chihuahua mix who was adopted from a shelter three years ago at the age of two and one-half years. She listens attentively and quietly to children who find her presence comforting.


Choosing a therapist to work with is a big first step. We invite you to take that first step with us. Connect with us to see if we have a good connection to start your therapy with.

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