The Gift of Renewal

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The Gift of Renewal

By: Mary Ruth Cross, MFT, NCC, RPT-S
CEO/Owner Treehouse Family Counseling Services

Starting over, letting go, releasing, these are all words that lead us down the path of renewal. Some may say that there is no need to release the old ways however it is important to release that which is not adding value to your life so that positive people and experiences have more room in your life. As the new year begins it is common for us to think of goals and new year’s resolutions. They can be like a pie crust promise; easily made, easily broken. So, what does it take to make key steps to change, to have a renewed sense of who you are and who you are becoming? Here are some ideas to help you on the path of renewal.

1. Find time to be quiet so that you can go inward and find your true self. This may mean turning off the t.v. or computer – take a chance to be quiet.
2. After being quiet find a creative outlet such as journaling, drawing, painting, collage to externalize what you thought or discovered in your quiet time.
3. Play music that inspires and sooths you so that you can get a little “pick-me-up” anytime you need it by putting on your favorite song.
4. You are the only one who truly knows what is working and not working in your life. Make a list of each and ask yourself what is getting in your way of it all working?
5. Make a list of the changes you would like to make and again ask yourself what are the challenges that might prevent you from doing what you want or need. Write about it in your journal.
6. Focus on what you do right and not what still needs to be done. Celebrate your efforts by checking things off on your list. It’s okay to pat yourself on the back for all the effort you are making.
7. Be grateful for everything. This can be a challenge, especially when something doesn’t work the way we thought it should but there is an important lesson in everything that happens. Be grateful for the lessons too.
8. Reach out for help with a trusted friend or family member. It’s amazing how often others around us feel the same way we do. Go for a walk or have lunch together and let your hearts connect and support one another.

It isn’t uncommon for us to have a sense that things aren’t quite working the way we want. You are a smart and intelligent person and many things can be figured out without help however if you feel stuck and not sure how to get yourself on the right path consultation with an experience therapist can be a great way to get started. We are here to help. All you have to do is ask.