Therapist Danville

Therapist Danville

Are you looking for a therapist in Danville? Treehouse Family Counseling Services offers a wide range of therapy and counseling needs. Our licensed therapists are up to date on the latest therapeutic techniques and models, in order to provide you with the quality care you’re looking for.

Out of the various therapy services we offer at Treehouse, some of the more notable ones include grief therapy, couples counseling, play therapy, and pet therapy. Our therapists in Danville work with people of all ages, both children and adults.

Our grief therapy will guide you through tough times, and help you to ease into your normal living routine. The process of grieving is often difficult, and ongoing, however grief therapy may provide the comfort and tools necessary to get back on track. Understanding the importance of maintaining healthy relationships and accepting the compassion of others is often an essential first step.

If you or someone you know is part of a strained relationship, couples counseling may be the tool needed to start fresh communication and re-kindle the connection the relationship once had. Our therapists right here in Danville understand the stress that can be involved in a relationship, but are able to work with each partner to emphasize different perspectives, and bring a positive outcome through compassion and understanding.

Play therapy is tailored specifically for the needs of children, and allows them to explore their feelings and interact with others in a more meaningful way. Our sand tray encourages role-play and provides an outlet for children to act out what they feel and think. Puppets and masks serve as fun tools to interact with children in a way that they feel comfortable. Oftentimes, children will confide in a stuffed animal before they would ever share what they feel out loud.

Treehouse provides a safe and comfortable environment with the equipment and tools necessary to provide our multiple services. Treehouse therapists in Danville are qualified and licensed clinicians, ready to provide the help when you need it. Our versatile staff can deal with a wide range of needs. Don’t wait to begin the path to a happier, healthier life, our sessions are fully confidential, and our therapists are ready to help.

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