Youth Services

Every child is different and we consult with you, the parents or guardians, to design treatment plans suitable to your situation. Once in place, the plan will be adjusted as needed to produce the interactive environment most beneficial to your child.

Nights in armor, cartoon fish, farm animals, cowboys, warrior women– they, and many other archetypes, can be found in Sand Tray Therapy. This treatment modality allows children to role-play, acting out their thoughts and feelings and giving the therapist insight into the child’s world. Within the story lies the revelation. Children are instinctive role-players and freely act out their emotions, fears and desires by using toys. What may seem like idle play in fact reveals a great deal about a child’s world. The figures below are just a few of the hundreds available to the child client who may arrange them in a sandbox to visualize feelings in his or her own special way.

Friendly dragons, chatty orangutans, & curious lions (all in the form of hand-puppets) will ask a child any number of questions, but especially about ‘what’s going on’ in their world that day. Young people can confide to a puppet what they would hesitate to say out loud.

The Play Room